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Get paid in Dogecoins (DOGE) for watching member ads. When you reach 20 DOGE, you can get payment via ePay. Dogecoin is a coin like Bitcoin, and can be converted into them too.

Mar.23.2017 - Some people have asked us why we show so many ads and popups besides the regular sites in DogeClix. The answer is simple, DogeClix needs to make a profit in order to keep going on. These ads bring in the cash. If we removed these, DogeClix would not last long.

Nov.22.2016 - PTP feature added. More security added as well.

Oct.18.2016 - Future plans include improving site interface. We also plan to add a PTP feature (meaning you could earn DOGE just for surfing at a traffic exchange). Stay tuned!

Oct.17.2016 - Added the Clixwall offerwall, which allows you to earn many more DOGE besides our main PTC.

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We pay at least 0.50 DOGE per site visited


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